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Test for the 11th form
17.02.2012, 13:08

Test Questions: Oscar Wilde



1.     When was OW born? (1854)

2.     What was his nationality? (Irish)

3.     What were his professions? (poet,dramatist,writer,essayist,reviewer)

4.     What did he write? (poems,essays,tales,plays,one novel)

5.     What literary movement did he present? (aestheticism)

6.     What theory did he proclaim in The Picture of Dorian Gray? (hedonism)

7.     Did he go to the USA? (yes)

8.     Name the tales of Oscar Wilde,min 3 of them. (Happy Prince,Star-Child,Birthday of the Infanta)

9.     Name the plays of Oscar Wilde,min 2 of them. (An Ideal Husband,The Importance of Being Earnest)

10.     Name the novels of Oscar Wilde. (Picture of Dorian Gray)

11.     What are the main themes of An Ideal Husband,they should be 7. (political corruption,Institution of marriage, triumph of love, modernity,   forgiveness, the past, the role of women in society).

12.     What are the main themes of Pictire of DorianGray? (aesthetism,hedonism,concept of the dual life)

13.     What is the name of OW poem? (Ballad of Reading Gaol)

14.     What is the name of OW essay which was written in prison?(De Profundis)





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