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08.02.2012, 17:45

The below questions are from the last test of the 10th formers:


1. The Queen reigns but does not rule.

2. The House of Lords is the oldest in the British Parliament.

3. A ceremony when someone becomes officially a king or a queen.- coronation.

4. The title of Prince of Wales is still carried today by - the monarch's eldest son.

5. The Queen of England has 4 children and 8 grandchildren.(in your tests 4/6 is the most correct)

  •  Prince Charles,Prince of Wales: sons - Prince William,Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry of Wales,
  •  Princess Anna,Princess Royal: son-Peter Phillips, daughter-Zara Phillips,
  •  Prince Andrew, Duke of York: daughters-Princess Betrice of York,Princess Eugenie of York,
  •  Prince Edward,Earl of Wessex: daughter-Lady Louise Windsor, son - James Wiscount Severn

6. The Kapchagai sea is an artificial sea.

7. England is the most densely populated country in the UK.

8. Windsor Castle is the official Residence of the Royal family and the largest castle in the world.

9.  Red double - decker bus is one of the familiar symbols of London.

10. Heathrow is the major airport in London.

11. The climate in the republic of Kazakhstan is sharp continental.

12. The Members of the House of Lords have inherited their seats.

13. What country's national symbol is shamrock? Nothern Ireland.

14. What country's national symbol is thistle? Scotland.


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