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Test. The USA and Great Britain.
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More than one answer may be correct.

1. When people travel to the USA they want to see:

a) Big Ben
b) the Statue of Liberty
c) Baker Street
d) the Eiffel Tower

2. The USA consists of 50:

a) states
b) republics
c) counties
d) districts

3. The biggest river is:

a) the Mississippi
b) the Colorado
c) the Hudson River
d) the Thames

4. The Great Lakes are situated between the USA and:

a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) Cuba
d) Panama

5. These famous people lived in the US:

a) Christopher Columbus
b) William Shakespeare
c) Mark Twain
d) Walt Disney

6. The national sport(s) in the USA is/are:

a) cricket
b) basketball
c) baseball
d) American football

7. How many stars are there on the US flag?

a) 47
b) 50
c) 51
d) 49

8. How many stripes are there on the US flag?

a) 20
b) 13
c) 17
d) 31

9. The Declaration of Independence was signed in:

a) 1831
b) 1799
c) 1776
d) 1620

10. When did the Pilgrims arrive in North America?

a) 1725
b) 1492
c) 1620
d) 1861

11. Halloween is celebrated in:

a) December
b) October
c) November
d) July

12. Washington, the capital, is situated in the:

a) state of New York
b) state of Washington
c) District of Columbia

13. New York is situated on which river?

a) Mississippi
b) Hudson
c) Colorado

14. Washington, D.C., is situated on which river?

a) Columbia
b) Potomac
c) Saint Lawrence River

15. How many boroughs are there in New York City?

a) 3
b) 8
c) 5
d) 10

16. How many storey does the Empire State Building have?

a) 98
b) 102
c) 115

17. How many members does the Senate have?

a) 100
b) 150
c) 435
d) 50

18. Hollywood is situated near:

a) San Francisco, California
b) Boston, Massachusetts
c) Los Angeles, California
d) Seattle, Washington

19. This interesting place is in Washington:

a) The Metropolitan Museum
b) the Library of the Congress
c) the Bronx Zoo

20. Detroit is the centre of this industry:

a) textile
b) automobile
c) ship building

21. This city is situated in the USA:

a) Florida
b) Boston
c) Liverpool
d) Dublin

22. The Pilgrims’ ship was called:

a) "Discovery”
b) "Titanic”
с) "Mayflower”

23. What state is the nearest to Mexico?

a) Oklahoma
b) Texas
c) Nevada

24. The first President of the USA was:

a) Lincoln
b) Washington
c) Jefferson

25. This holiday is celebrated only in the USA:

a) Valentine’s Day
b) Halloween
c) Thanksgiving Day
d) Fourth of July



Great Britain

Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

1. The main parts of Great Britain are:

a) Cambridge
b) Wales
c) Scotland
d) Glasgow
e) England

2. The longest river is:

a) the Thames
b) the Clyde
c) the Severn

3. The English Channel separates Great Britain from:

a) Sweden
b) France
c) the Netherlands

4. The main nationalities are:

a) the Scots
b) the French
c) the English
d) the Welsh

5. The capital of Wales is:

a) Manchester
b) Cardiff
c) Birmingham

6. The Union Jack is a(n):

a) mountain
b) street
c) flag
d) island

7. The oldest British universities are situated in:

a) London
b) Cambridge
c) Harvard
d) Oxford

8. Where is the coal-mining region situated?

a) Scotland
b) South Wales
c) Northern Ireland

9. The current British monarch is:

a) Prince Charles
b) Queen Elisabeth II
c) Prince Albert
d) Queen Victoria

10. The main political parties are:

a) Republican
b) Conservative
c) Democratic
d) Labour

11. The kilt is a:

a) musical instrument
b) short skirt
c) hat

12. Guy Fawkes was a:

a) prime-minister
b) conspirator
c) general

13. What is Piccadilly Circus?

a) a square
b) a disco
c) a circus

14. Who is the most popular hero of English ballads?

a) Peter Pan
b) Lemuel Gulliver
c) Robin Hood
d) Tom Sawyer

15. The Tower of London now is a:

a) royal palace
b) museum
c) state prison

16. What lake in Scotland is said to be the home of a "monster”?

a) Loch Lomond
b) Loch Ness
c) Loch Erie

17. What city does the 0° meridian pass through?

a) Nottingham b) Sheffield c) Greenwich

18. The highest mountains is:

a) Snowdon
b) Ben Nevis
c) McKinley

19. Stonehenge is a:

a) theatre
b) town
c) place for religious rituals

20. What is the chairperson of the House of Lords called?

a) Lord Protector
b) Lord Chancellor
c) Lord Mayor

21. The chairperson of the House of Lords sits on a:

a) divan
b) big box
c) woolsack

22. What was the first famous British pop-group from Liverpool?

a) the Beatles
b) Deep Purple
c) Queen

23. Shakespeare’s birthplace is:

a) London
b) Stratford-on-Avon
c) Edinburgh

24. What part is called the "City of London”:

a) oldest
b) richest
c) poorest

25. The poem "My heart’s in the Highlands” was written by:

a) Longfellow
b) Aesop
c) Burns



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